YAD Platform Enhancements: Introducing Transaction History

Improve your trading strategy by gaining insight into all completed, pending, or approved swaps and transactions.

YAD Platform Enhancements: Introducing Transaction History

  • Visit the YAD.Finance dApp and connect your wallet to experience the updated, user-friendly interface.
  • To access your transaction history, simply select a token pair in the swap box and click on the "Current pair" button. The system will display all transactions for that pair.

If you are already familiar with YAD, our cutting-edge multichain swap router that revolutionizes liquidity aggregation across dominant blockchains, you're in for an exciting update! On June 15, we launched the transaction history feature, providing all of your wallet's financial history either on your mobile device or on your desktop! Now, all completed, pending, or approved swaps and transactions from the feature's launch can be easily tracked.

The new transaction history feature enhances the user experience when exploring the YAD aggregator, our DeFi tool to swap over 3,500 tokens across seven blockchains at the best rate and with the lowest transaction cost. We’re constantly working on improving our platform and your experience with it, which is why we are so excited about the transaction history feature for your wallet.

YAD.Finance's transaction history feature (desktop)

Especially helpful for users who swap on a regular basis, transaction history gives insight into what you’re doing by shifting the angle. Choose a pair of tokens in the swap box, then click on the Current pair button in your wallet, and the service will pop out all of your transactions for this pair.

Want to check the status of your transaction? Easy! Simply hover over a certain pair or a coin in your wallet, and then click on the arrow sign in the top-right corner. The wallet will link you out to the blockchain explorer, such as Etherscan or another explorer if you’ve chosen a network other than Ethereum.

And last but not least, with the new feature release, you can simply sort out all of the transactions and tokens based on their state. Have you approved the token for YAD to swap? If so, it will show up in a separate box so that you will be able to visually distinguish it. Is your transaction pending? You will immediately see, if so — as well as all the swaps that have already been completed.

YAD.Finance's transaction history feature (mobile)

Are you interested in integrating the combined DeFi liquidity into your platform? Do it with ease using the YAD widget! Quick and simple to install with a preconfigured iFrame, you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Compatible with any tablet or smartphone and allowing dApp developers to avoid the need to modify their code for different devices, the widget automatically adjusts its form to the device that your clients use to access the dApp. It is as easy as it sounds.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!