YetAnotherDeFi Security Audit by Scalable Solutions

YetAnotherDeFi Security Audit by Scalable Solutions

We’re happy to announce that YAD has undergone a security audit by Scalable Solutions, a company with deep experience in cryptocurrency technology! Scalable Solutions has been offering services in the cybersecurity space over the past 10 years and has gained a strong reputation developing non-custodial wallets, innovative DeFi protocols, and trading venues — and now provides expertise in auditing smart contracts.

The audit involved a deep dive into all of the router’s original smart contracts and resulted in a few minor issues that were fixed afterward. Those fixes included some informational issues, such as no description of certain functions in the code, three low-priority recommendations concerning contracts poking other aggregators, and the contract sending tokens to the right contract after the swap.

In short, the audit was run on the aggregator’s original smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations on how to address them. The Scalable Solutions team made sure the smart contracts checked were secure and free from potential issues that could be exploited by malicious actors.

One of the concerns brought into focus by the Scalable Solutions audit team was the Uniswap function on a proxy contract that could be potentially used by an attacker to imitate the swap. However, the YAD team has insisted that the sender’s funds are not in danger, since the project’s logic doesn’t store client funds on this proxy contract, plus, fixing the issue would only result in the increase of the contract’s execution costs.

YAD, or Yet Another DeFi, aims to bridge the gaps in the DEX aggregator niche through a set of mechanics. It scrapes liquidity information from available sources and proposes the most efficient price for the quote, splits orders between available pools to reduce price impact, and allows users to limit acceptable slippage. Additionally, it scans different market prices and depths to offer the most optimized route possible for users' trades.

Check out YAD's GitBook or read the full Scalable Solutions audit report!